Thursday, August 04, 2016

Wednesday night, Worsley short shrift - before the snows?

Late start departing my place, Nelson and me, to the top of Worsleys Road and a nice cool southerly blowing through there.  Rain earlier in the day, we figured maybe under the trees somewhere would be dry enough to ride.  But first, we headed up the main drag of Worsley Track, marvelling at how dry the lower sections were...  Further up, not so much.  A lot of wheezing earlier on, and various muckfest sections later, with a little mucky walking, and we were entering the bottom of the cloud at the bottom of the Bodybag...  Checked out the Park sign here and their access roadage and then headed back down and into Braille.

Fun little track, except for the bigger gap jumps.  Nelson tackled the earlier ones, I tackled one or two, even going back up for a couple of them, but not really allowing myself to give them everything, due to the greasiness under-tread.  Bombed on down, bypassing the worst humps, and continued on down, dropping into the lower section below the access track down towards the lower pylon, twisting and turning our way down to the end.  Back up the climb-out, and then back up the 4wd track amongst Braille to the top again, chuffing away, wondering where next.  Decided on another Braille run, and Nelson cleared a few more of the jumps, or better anyway, this time, me, worse than before...  Decided I really need a service, my rear is squeaking annoyingly and my fork needs some fettling.  On down all the way again, and we found ourselves climbing again - "Weren't we just here?"

Upwards to the top again, and this time back across towards the main Worsley Track, through the wee dip, and all the while looking left to find the track we'd explored last time we were in here...  Hmmm, someone's been digging.  Very nice wee fun (quite easy) track has been built here, pretty much following the main Track from just inside the trees, a good distance down.  We got some nice speed through here, and there were one or two interesting features on the way.  I noticed at least 2 or three alternative (less ridden or dug) lines off the left side, dropping into the valley more, so there's plenty of exploring to be done, and scope for way more trailage through this area.  Popped out on the climbing track, at around about the steepest bit, and found our way down to below the powerlines, where there's a wee creek.

Climbed up through the powerline clearing, then headed left down into the jumpy track.  Nelson knows this well, so let it go and jumped the jumps he was comfortable jumping, including the fence gap.  I toodled around most of them, including stepping over the fence gap...  On down through the last of it, ducking and diving, then dropped onto the climbing track, skirted some mud pugs, and climbed up to the final Epitaph - which I rode quite carefully on account of the slippery dirt.  Nelson, not so much.

440m climbed, in 8.3kms...  short and sweet.

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