Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunday Flat to Otukaikino planting

Hoofed the townie around to Pete's.  Steve and Tones, then Wah-Hey-No rolled up and we cruised Avonside, Kilmore, over the Salisbury bike bridge, Hagley Park, Girl's High crossing to Mona Vale (where I remembered about MappingMyRide) and up the Railtrail to the end.  Steve was on his townie, Pete on the new Grandad - aptly named Fritz, and the other two were on their usual steeds.  Good pace set mostly by Steve, nice day, good for cruising.  Tuckers Rd, around to Claridges Rd, then Gardners, Sawyers Arms and up to the Lakes (Roto Kohatu), through Omaka and along to the planting site.  Planted lots of plants, had a couple sossies, and headed on back the way we came, pretty much.

Back at Mona Vale, Tones and Stevo headed onwards, Steve to the 'Rugby' House to open up and get ready for the game, and us other three back towards our respective residences via Armagh St, me peeling off at Madras for the usual route home.

So, my 30something kms was actually more like 36 (my place to Pete's to Mona Vale), and altitude was grand bugger all 72m.

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