Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday Living Springs in the Heat Exhaustion Foment

Oh boy.  The ride that nearly killed me.  Heat exhaustion being the name of the game...

Nelson came to mine after work, and we set to getting the creak out of my rear suspension, which we managed to do, all the whilst I was sweating like a pig.

We headed over the hill and parked at Allandale, figuring there'd be plenty of shade on the trails.  Rode in, climbed and climbed.  It was very hot.  Into the Pines and up, I was getting slower and slower and found Nelson resting in the kanuka in Rhymes With Orange.  From here, up through some cows into the steeep climb in the bush.  I walked heaps of what I've always ridden in the past.  Eventually to the fence, over the new ladder (nice job, whoever built it), and on up out into the open, to the cabbage tree, and then up, walking up the steepness, before riding again in the regen-bush zone.  Up ever up to the first of the switchback corners where we rested.  372m.

Time for the down, I led to start with, nice blast down around and through in no time what had just taken us ages to climb.  Down the steep nearly losing it in the grass off camber corner, then around by the cabbage tree and across into the bush again.  Over the stepladder, and down down down, zig and zag, narrow gaps between trees, tight riding.  Nelson took over the lead at the cow paddock, and we blasted down here to the gate, then into Mississippi and then around into Zanes.  I stopped to check text and saw him ahead in a few corners, but never gained on him again.  Finally out the bottom and met him again, and we cruised around, did the wee 'drop' detour and the on into Totara Valley and then down back to the car.  Good ride but for the heat.

9.45 kms, with 430 m climbed.

Got home, ate 3 slices of pizza, loaded the cars and we took stuff to the new house, unloaded, then came home and when I showered it hit me.  Full blown heat exhaustion.  Throbbing headache, weakness, aching body and joints, nausea.  Tried to cool off and rehydrate for teh whole night - fever dreams, and spent all of Sunday in bed.  Sick as.

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