Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday Night Fog and Heat and Sun and Cool

After work pick up from mine, we headed for top of Mt Pleasant (the suburb), parking on Parkridge Pl. Headed up the steep under-the-pylon into Britten.  I cleaned more of the rocky section this time, but still had to walk the steep bit to the corner.  Across the face, and around into cloud building up on the eastern flanks, making for a muggy climb to the top.  Brief breather here then around top front, and back across to the cattlestop at the climbing rocks - grass all nice and short again , making the trail easier to find than the last couple of times (in October!), and in full sun on this side of the hill.

Over the road, over the fence, and into long grass climbing up, back and forth to the top of Mt Pleasant well above the sea of cloud rolling in over the city.  A well earned breather in the shade of the building, then around the back of it to take in the view of the harbour.  Finally, descent time, a nice breeze blowing down the rocky entry, muppetting before the stile, then I led the way down the ridge, big fat wooly lambs all over the place getting in the way (and littering the track with their tasty treats).  Down to Greenwood, and we debated which way to go, choosing to head back round to the old start of Greenwood, and down the skinny singletrack to the trees on Richmond, entering the fog down here.  Low visibility, nice cool moistness all around, we cruised across and then back up to the Greenwood (above the ruins).

Into the descent again, bombing into Greenwood, lambs in the way for ages, around into the rockier bits. There was some weird chunky clattering I wondered about at the time, but bike kept riding okay, so continued on.  Nelson had good speed, I was okay until we were on the sidling section before Gloomy Gulch, where I slowed down a fair bit, but then got my mojo back on the rocky descent into the swoopy bit before that drop jump, where Nelson was waiting.  On down, holding on to him until the entry to the creek gully, where he managed to carry more speed and hoof away.  I bollocksed the rocky up, and got going again, arriving puffed as at the bottom.  It was here I noticed that I'd lost the blue 'switch' for my Climb-Trail-Descend feature on my rear shock.

Up road at a cracking pace mostly in the fog.  My knee started to hurt a bit.  When we got to Jollies Bush we figured - never been in there before, lets explore.  Huh!  We kept left, carrying up steps, riding a bit, avoiding ever-overhanging onga-onga, zigged and zagged upwards, eventually finding our way up to a stile on the top edge, and up onto the track just above that.  Still in the fog, kinda, rode up this, meeting a couple of women riding down (one was new to riding), and at the top decided to just drop down the top section of Greenwood to see if we might find that CTD switch where I'd heard the weird clatterings.  Off we went, Nelson in the lead, slowing down where I thought, and Nelson was juuust about to call off the search when "here it is!".  Turned around, and rode back up the techy rocks, past the ruins, thru the old entrance, then up road, and a fun fast bomb down Britten back to the car.

18.3 kms and (only) 610 m climbed

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