Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday pHat-nmer, post soak cruise.

Hours spent at the pools, soaking the muscles into subjugation, possibly a bit silly pre ride...  Got back to the house, grabbed a quick bite to eat then headed out for a quick fat spin.

Left the bach we were staying at and up the alleyway over the rise and down to the Woodland Walk Recreation Reserve and thru to Timberlands trail climb.  Nasty wee granny gear bastard start that it is, gentles out towards the top before the final slog to the saddle.  Then it was off up the Jolliffe Saddle track to the top, cleaning the big corner at the top quite nicely before dropping the seat and dropping into the wicked tight upper Dog Stream track down through zigs and zags and flow finishing with a couple of tight corners to the bridge.  Across this and walked up the steps to the road and up to the carpark. 

Into the Bigfoot climb, one point where the trees are so tight they don't fit an 820mm wide bar...  Cleaned all the zigs and zags up this and then into the descent.  Some patches of permafrost, and some splecky melted frosty bits, fun downhill, weaving and cruising and back and forth, then into the fir trees and back out, so much fun.  Met a family at the bottom (who'd just come down the Fir Trail), rolled through and down to Detox. 

Mucky climb to start with, lots of water rivulets running down the lower 4wd part of the road.  Steeper 2nd half not as wet, climbing pretty good, but relieved to be onto the flatter section through to the singletrack descent.  Fun flight down through the trees, feeling like a speeder-bike through the forest in Empire Strikes Back.  Got to the end and hung a right onto the end of Mach 1 through to where it crosses Dog Stream whereupon I turned downstream and flew down here, bit of spleck in the forest, before hanging right and up the hill back up to the saddle I'd been through earlier. 

Next it was into Red Rocks track, nice climb to a super fun descent, a couple of re-alligned corners, including a whole new section in the forest out to the right at one point, then got down to the turning and peeled right into the Eeny Meenies.  Chose Eeny to the left (once up the hill) and peeled around back and forth on this, eventually making the Western Link Track and taking that back to the Market Green to head back over the wee hill back down the the bach. 

Just over an hour spun, 10.7 kms with a surprisingly small 334m climbed.

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