Monday, July 30, 2018

Saturday Huntsbury Old Skool with my boy.

Drove across town with O and we parked in Bowenvale.  Rode back down the road and around and up Major Aitken Drive.  He climbed well all the way, even being a little faster than me a few times (his gearing is taller (and his bike is getting to be too small for him!)).  He had to walk up the steep top sealed section tho, and then again on some of the steeper gravel below the pylons.  We ducked up onto the singletrack (and i found a new bit of that for going down hill on, that avoids the boggy section before that first (big) jump).  We headed up the gravel, which he amazingly rode, and just before that top cattlestop headed across onto the fun downhill track.

He followed me in, and I jumped all the jumps.  Not sure if he did all 3.  Then we rolled down the landing strip and left down onto the newer section of singletrack.  He followed me down all this, and the couple of techy rock bits didn't even phase him.  Over the stile and down again, this time, two of these new bits have pretty steep sections, the 2nd of which is virtually vertical.  I bombed down them then stopped to look back, and there he was, not even bothered, bombing down behind me.  Awesome!  Next section had those two tricky bits with exposure off to the left and a drop that I usually 'scoot' down.  He did the same behind me. Then the last bit he bombed down all the rocky tech stuff no problem again, and then it was into the off camber corners.  I imparted my wisdom around the outside-pedal-down for these and we took off. 

Then, into the original Old Skool.  Explained to him how it was the first ever purpose build bike track. Then bombed it.  He did good, and we had a great trip down (me, not locked out this time!).  Last few sections rolly roll roll, and then down the bottom and down the road back to the car.  A very well spent 54 minutes with my boy.

9.56kms, and 390 m gained.

Then I was meant to join the boys for Steve's last ride (for a while) on Sunday morning, but Saturday Night got one over on me and I had to spend the day in bed... :(

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