Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hanmered winter wonderland

amazing weekend in hanmer. bigfoot is my new favourite track.

Jerry and me left the bach we were in, riding around to and up Jacks. took the right on one of the early corners and headed down the track Al took me last time. nice wee climb up to new majuba connection behind conical. bad sidle on majuba to the nice rest of it. jerry did really well, falling off twice cos his clips were too tight and then at the bottom of majuba managed to get his butt pretty good. then we headed down Pawson's, and up Dog Stream.

At Joliffe's rd i pointed him in the right direction and tootled up to do upper dogstream, nice nice nice, one close call hand nearly bounced off bar. then met him at picnic by lower bridge. up mulgins, he bailed out down the lower upper dogstream, top bridge down, and i carried on up to Bigfoot. cleaned it all up bar one or two bends, then the downhill was blissful. bombed it with such flow, saw a dude coming up, got to the bottom and had to do it again, took the fir back up, cleaned bigfoot climb again bar the same two, awesome, and better descent. then up nature, onto detox, back up road, dogstream down to joliffes again, up there and out redrocks, then home. i hope Jerry enjoyed it, i tried to show him interesting riding... here's a googlemap of it like

that afternoon it snowed, 3 or so inches by end late in the evening. froze hard overnight. gorgeous winter wonderlands. white landscape driving home

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