Friday, June 27, 2008

Horseshoe Bottle Lake Brooklands Single Late night spin

Nelson turned up to my place and we woulda headed out door about 8. up North Parade, into Banks Ave singletrack, riding several sections of it, then turning back to Archilles, Ajax, New Brighton Rd, across Burwood Park, coupla jumpies on the bmx track there, then into Horseshoe lake. Burned through first section then hit the walk track that goes through to the river. FUN. i'd never ridden it before, and it was awesome, some boardwalks, plenty slippy, much longer than we'd thought it would be. cool. then, all the way up Burwood Rd.

into the forest.Bombed through the usual and on up to Spencer Park. then hit the Brooklands Walk track. rough. sandy in places, soggy. hard work, quite a distance too. then back to Spencer Park, snack stop, then met these bikers at the BBQs with some meat and beer... then back into the forest, back to Waitikiri, back usual way then caught a bit of Horseshoe, coupla jumps, home via Banks singles and River...follow the lines...mappage 40 odd kms... home just after 11...

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