Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Worsley Grease-fest...

Rode over to Nelson's about 5.30 on the Soul. He had to ride his singlespeed cos he hasnt protected his new frame yet. so, we headed across town to Worsleys. round the first corner it was a good 10 or more degrees warmer we had to stop and get layers off. continued up road, him getting way ahead cos of the standing and grunting, me spinning a lower gear.

hit the dirt, it was wet... the surface was juuust sticky, but not to the wheel clagging stage, and most ruts had either flowing or standing water in them. Grease is the word. a fair bit of walking ensued, but surprisingly rode a few bits i wouldnt have expected to. staying on the ridges between ruts was tricky at times too, and then the body bag was a complete walk, no way could you get traction, it was hard enough on foot... re jacketed at top, and had a bite to eat. wind had changed up there to southerly, clouds building a bit to the south.

headed up Marley's. most of the descent was pretty good. greasy sticky bits following Teddington Chipped corners which were nice and dry. the new section is coming along amazingly, with some awesome rock armouring and a fantastic line with good flow. riders should make tracks... good bomb to kiwi, slippin and sliding here and there. up road to top of vic. and round the summit trail all good, tho my legs were struggling by this time on all the ups and nelson was ploughing ahead of me.

Top of Huntsbury, headed down, then out the landing strip, then over a fence and picked lines between tussocks over the ridgeline, down to pylons, with some nice flowy bits, then down various off piste lines over the two wee jumps and down onto the road. then down to Nelson's property, had a look around that, scoped out the reserve below it, but couldnt see well enough to risk going down and having to clamber back up, so headed down Major Aitken Drive, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all the way down, home via Eastern, Wilsons etc, southerly wind blowing me home...

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