Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sunday night Quicky

Got out and had a nice wee ride tonight. left home in the car about 6.30 and parked up top of Worsleys Rd, end of the seal. Was feeling pretty shite but gave it a good go and just cruised on up the trail, taking the odd break to get some air. failed the bodybag, first time for a while, walked about 10m near the top, but managed to pedal out the worst.

Shifted down a few gears and plodded up to top of the Nun. Nice cruisy flowy trip down here. Not really pushing it, just focusing on the flow. Really enjoyed it, railing the berms, popping some nice air. Passed a couple of stopped riders at the carpark, then had an excellent blast down the lower flat-out wide-open section.

Then it was back up the road, over the top and back down the Body Bag at a ridiculous speed, then ducked up into B-Line and enjoyed this profusely, loving the rock features, washing out on the odd berm, taking it all the way down, including over the steepy droppy lowest section, back up the short climb to the dodgey ex-wallride, then into the final little bit to the tank and back onto the main drag, meeting a couple more riders on their way up as i blasted down the final ruts and back to the car. All up, a little over an hour car to car - choice loop.

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