Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday short croc.

Rode round to Pete's for 6pm and we plied the streets in the Falcon to meet all the others at the Quarry Park for a ride of much stoppedness. Wayne, Warren, Steve, Tony, Robin, Marie and Andy were all in attendance. We treadled our way up the main track to where we peeled off down and across the stepping stones where something bit Steve's tire and it started hissing fluid as we grunted up the short sharp straight after. We stopped. Steve fiddled a little and pumped a little and remembered that in these circumstances he just needs to put the hole to the bottom. Problem solved.

Up the left hand side of the Quarry and then round the grassy paddock and a few went steep and the rest took the easy low line to the gate and on up the gravelled switchbacks which for once everybody cleaned. Up the road to another stop at the gate, then finally onto the upper Croc, or New Tasty as it was once called. I believe i was the only one to 100% clean this :D. Another regroup before heading over Siberia for a nice descent, upon which Steve's dropper seatpost blew a seal, or something. Pete came to the rescue with some Duct Tape. Back up the way we'd come down, to another regroup.

Then it was off down, what fun. Blasted down always gaining on a couple guys in fluoro yellow, finally passing the hardtail one who'd bailed in the ruts on the last sweep. They let us lead off down the Croc proper and i put a good pace on railing the berms, one of which was pretty hairy carrying too much speed into. Down the straight-away through the cattlestop and drops, expecting the rock 'gap' and thinking to myself "am i in the right gear for this" and then finding a newly formed bypass, which allowed me to carry heaps of speed on down into the swoopy final switchbacks, but hell, it was getting overgrown down there and i started to baulk.

Juuuuust cleaned the grovelly climb up and out of the valley, and we had another big regroup, watching everyone following down the zags and zigs. The final section next, and it was good. couple very nice wee jumps in them there trees, and switchied down and out and nice leaps on the longer jumps out and another regroup and then back down to the vehicles.

Short, but good, ride.

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