Friday, December 09, 2011

Terrsday night gloopage

rid the Cotic to work in full mtnbike regalia then at 4.30 worked my way down Blenheim Rd to Nelson's work where we chucked it in the 'Rona boot and headed for the same place i parked up on Sunday.

up the dirt we headed chatting away, finding the lines in the long grass and generally pushing our ways up the hill over rocky sections and up the ridgy faces presented to us. We hit the body bag debating very briefly a quick left and loop but i figured there was gonna be no way we'd be happy with the bodybag after a decent phat descent, so on up the nastiness we cruised til the dreaded top section. this time, with nelson ahead of me grinding away astoundingly in his middle ring, i held on for dear life and ground my way up. Granny, 24:32, as low as i can get and in the state i was in - usual sitting around all day, barely any recent riding - i felt like absolute shit and got pretty bloody close to puking. But, managed to get my body through that bag, working the fucker up that top section. I'd failed it last time, so forced myself to once again conquer it for posterity's sake.

Much breath was caught at the top. Then the little climb to top of nun and into the fun. First round, other than being a great descent, we both seemed to ping off rocks all over the place, generally not having the most comfortable rides tho holla'ing a merry "Thank yoouuuuu" as we passed the awe-inspiring track builder. When we reached the bottom i remembered i'd pumped my tires to over 40 for riding to work and beyond. Nelson realised his were a little hard too. So. figuring we'd deflate at the top, filled water at the Kiwi, hit the climb.

At the top there was woman in blue stopped, busy tweaking her suspension - for she had full, and us on lowly hardtails(!). We deflated some air, and hit the trail, 2nd time round, ahead of her, both having a MUCH better trip. Not just for having the just-done-the-trail feeling but also the smoother and far more grippy rides engendered to us by the lower airpressures. This time round tho, on the first of the really big uphill sweeper left handers, round round round , i ended up off balance and stalling up on the grass just at the top of the corner...

Anyway, good ride down, much better with good tire pressure. Quick chat to Te Builder, lots of thanks given. Back up the road, round, and over, meeting the girl from the top again (discussion was made re her speed overtaking us without being seen - she'd cut out half way...). And off we headed down the Bodybag - at an insane speed.

Hauled up and hit the low gears to climbed the gorsebone graveyard to the goodvibes. Some motorbikes had been through ahead of us, leaving the trail loose and a little messed up. More pushbikes through will fix it, with the motos forming our berms for us... great ride down - if a little slow and cruisy and not full-on hard-out noise. Into the great final bit, getting finally softer and looser over the drop and into that nice tight lefthander that drops you over into the steepest little wickedness of a corner, and finally across the slope down the drop to the wee climb out. Back up at the top we met some guys riding up our next descent. Sweet flow down that to the tank and out. Decided to seek further forested singletrack, so got back in to the tank, headed to it's right, and assisted in the potentials for connective flow into the next sections (that were already in there - thanks to moto's!).

finally, out the maintrack and down to the car. then to some mackers and onto Pomeroy's, where we met Steve, Warren, Robin, Pete, Andrew, Tony and Mark(of the abacus, and now the New Parent status). Epic beers were mostly consumed and Ms Swtchbckr was on the scene, on her Switchback no less!

The dregs headed to our home and more fun ensued, with Noir, Ardbeg and Highland Park. A good night had by all, I believe.

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