Sunday, January 08, 2012

Saturday 7th Jan. first ride of 2012.

3pm hit the road up the hill. non eventful climb. thinking about how cool it would be if there was a singletrack route up. a few cars up and down. a sheep truck. otherwise just plodding away in granny or next down, plus one stint standing for a while 4 down.

3.45 reached the summit. took a look up top of Piper's valley stock route, considered trespassing up the paddock farmtracks above, but thought better of it and headed round Summit Road and instead trespassed across the back flank of View Hill. Fun sidling stock trail singletracks with little actual riding, then good route up the rocky ridge to gate. bit of a breather rest here lying in the shade of a tree, dreaming of what to say to a farmer who hits you up for this socalled Trespassing ie "I'm not doing any harm. Not disturbing stock, leaving gates and fences alone, just out enjoying the views and the riding of my bike. No harm no foul. And i know there's a paper road across here, but I'm also aware the the track doesn't follow it to the letter."

4.30 left the gate rest, headed round the 95% rideable sheep singletracks meandering nicely always dropping a little but sidling up to stay on nice flow round eventually to View Hill Rd top gate, 4.40. over the gate and off down down down speeeeeeeeed floooowww on off on off on off brakes controlling speed on the concrete cos of sheep below then letting it all go and roaring 80odd past the crow's nest on down to chorlton then into the wind tucked down, lukes road, back of tennis court, over fence, calf singletrack, fence gate up drive. settled on deck with T and it was 4.55. a well spent 2 hours, i reckon.

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