Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Shorty half-Rapaki

Well! I'm so proud. Had talked to O about riding up the hill, and now that Rapaki is open again we agreed to go out. So. Drove to end of road, and we tootled up. It was hillclimb time, and we were passed constantly by the climbers, heading both up and down, but that was cool. Otherwise a quiet-ish night out there. He did really well, when he rode he hooned, but then had to stop pretty regularly. First off i said, there's this tree. We'll get to there and see how you feel.

Well, as you can see the tree was no problem. (not that he looks very happy)... Cool thing was we met some other smalls out there, a girl aged 10, and a slightly older boy who flew past us.

We made it all the way up to the flat area, rode under the pylons to the top of that, then turned back down. Coming down he was pretty tentative to start with, really riding the brakes, but by the time the gate by the trees was in sight he was really starting to let go of them for longer and longer periods, getting quicker and quicker, and between the gates he was flying! Awesome.

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