Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday evening port hills back and forthers

Nelson and me corona'd up past the Takahe and parked up on one of the laybys, treadling up the road from there to the Old Dyers track. This was in good knick and we climbed it pretty quickly, him seemingly effortlessly and me dragging my chain a bit but surviving and making it in the end. we were passed by a few riders on their ways down.

Up the road taking a look over into the Gov's bay trails, still closed, and round up over the Nun. Muggy and humid and warm, excellent night. Misty cloud lingering around the tops. Lovely blast down here, really cruisy taking it pretty easy gliding and flowing and mostly keeping a reasonable pace. the lower half definitely smoother now.

Then it was up the Summit to top of Vic and we hit the Traverse round. Nice blast round here again me dragging and struggling to keep up with the jackrabbit Nelson. Up over Vernon was sweet and the descent really fun with the rough rocks and dodgy sketchy ballbearing gravel near the bottom. Turned around and headed up the road back round to the Traverse where we hauled some ass good, great run round back to Vic and then it was a sweet blast down the two Thomsons.

A pause at the Kiwi where Nelson got some water and we scoffed down a couple of OneSquares between us, then it was off back up the slummit road to top of the Nun for a final blast. Finally Nelson was tiring and my stamina kept me up or even maybe a little ahead of him on the final off-road climb to the top. 2nd time round was waaaay better, we blazed down the trail, yumping everything really nicely, with only a brief hangup in the rocky middle section, otherwise an awesome blast down, then into the Dyers trail and the bit below the steep just below the Kiwi has become my favouritest flowiest little section right now. beautiful the way it just sucks you through it like being on a magic carpet. Round the rocky bend and some lawyer ripped at my arm "OW!!!" i holla'd and Nelson got it too, 'cept his arm didnt bleed. my blood mixed with sweat reddened my arm something wicked. On downwards, what's usually rough as guts and rutty was a sweet flow, meeting a couple of walkers and blasting brakefree down heaps of it. then the last 4wd section was nice too, and finally a cruise down the road back to the car.

A couple and a bit hours of very nice riding, dusty, punishing, muchly enjoyable.

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