Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday river wreckage to Travis Planting.

Early start from Steve's, 8.20 we had to be there.  We, being Warren, Tony, Wayne, Steve and myself.  Radley St to the end, and through the cemeteries, connecting them with a park, then Ruru Rd, and then down the back of the sewage treatment station, and Bridge St broken bridge and from there along the river on the, at first not bad, track which later deteriorated.  Some interesting views of the redzone, man, what a mess.

Under the Anzac Bridge was inaccessible, too much water on the bike path, so crossed and continued right around to Avondale bridge/ roundabout and on around to Horseshoe Lake reserve where we headed in for a look at what has become of the track in there.  Not good.  got a ways in and then we were stopped by fallen willows and sunken, underwater, track.  Back we rolled, then into Liggins St, left into Queensbury and right into Goodman through the carnage to Broomfield Tce, past the dog park and tucked into the grass track that overlooks what used to be cool walking (and nighttime riding) tracks, all underwater too...  right round Horseshoe lake all the way to Carlsen, up Burwood, right into Travis, dodging traffic across and all the way along to Clarevale Loop Walkway, ignoring the "No Bikes Please" sign and riding around, onto the main outside Wetland Walkway, stopping for a clamber on the tower, blown away by the plants we planted years ago as we went on round to the main Ranger Station Info Centre area where the planting was.

Hour and a half, 60 odd people and 2000 plants in the ground, lots of digging and schluffing.  Good shit.  BBQ saussies and back on the bikes, This time going through the middle on Wetland Walkway, impressed once again by the growth of all the plants.  Sweeeet as.

Now, back down Travis Rd and Burwood Rd, then followed the river all the way to my place.  What a wreck the place has become.

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