Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Up down up down up down

Rode the Cotic to work, and after skedaddled down Blenheim Rd to Nelson's work and off we Corona'd to the top of Worsley Road.  Off up the dirt, me wheezing away, struggling with the climbing as I did all evening.  Kept it in my big (36t) ring all the way to the Bodybag when i finally succumbed to the granny.  I died on the final section, Nelson, as usual just powered on up.  As i was cresting the top some whippet on a carbon Niner full suss thing hauled past.

Followed Nelson into the Nun, we blazed on down, but i just wasnt in the zone.  My sunnies were slipping down my nose and putting me off, and also my tires were too hard from the ride across town this morning.  So, at the top wooden bridge, stopped and adjusted pressure and pocketed the shades.  Ah, much better.  Sped on down, to find Nels waiting for me at the middle carpark.  Set off again, this time me tight on his tail, and staying there.  No stopping, took the low road onto the Old Dyers track, and blasted down the top section, still a favourite, high speed, barely able to see the trail in front of me and loving every second.  The next section, where it sort of widens out a bit, we flew down, both catching soggy lines a couple of spots, and then finally the 4wd down then up to the road, jumping puddles where we found them.

Cross the road and painful climbing again, to the road and down next to the dogpark and round under the big microwave pylon and down behind Amherst Place houses, hurtling down the last bit under the gum trees and then down the road to meet the fella's at the Takahe.  Steve, Robin, Wayne, Wazza and of course Pete on his new rocketship.  Very impressive.

Off back up the way we'd come down.  Once again, climbing painful...  Managed to keep a lead with Nelson most of the way but just below the Kiwi i gave it up and handed over 2nd position to Pete - fresh and lightweight, right?  Regroup and on up the road to the top of the Nun, all of us giving a good nudge to the top.

This time down, i hit the lead, Nelson chasing.  Kept a damned fine pace down, much better this time, and under lights too.  We took a quick break at the carpark spot to let the other catch up and off we shot again, gapping them again (hee hee), and generally hauling ass.  Departures made here, Nelson and me back up top of Worsleys and the rest off up into Vic to get back down to their cars.

Our adventure down Worsley started with a Bodybag blast, then into the forest.  Its gotten a bit ridden!  smooth and well tracked, but some bloody stupid common denominator lines missing some awesome features, like the big piles of rocks...  damnit.  anyway.  no real events.  Nelson crashed off over that pesky rock below the clifftop.  We gave it a couple of goes, then onwards and downwards, loving a new line before the pylons, then taking the good line and over below and down down down the bestest section there is.  Then back up the track to the rest of it, and after that old sketchy wallride attempt we hung a right down a trail wondering if it would take us across lower down to meet up with the stuff below the water tank, to no avail, it kept on descending - steeply with some cool drop overs.  Awesome trail, except it just kept going down down and down...  And our car was suddenly up.  So, vowed to return sometime when there isnt a car at the top, and try it out to wherever it goes.  Climbed back up, pushing and burning our calves.  Steep.

Back onto the usual trails and down past the tank and on out to the car, swooping and railing.

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