Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday morning solo meanderings

Got out on my ownsome this morning.  Most of the others did the flat ride to planting Saturday.  I headed out the door at 10am with headphones hooked up to my phone full of excellent sounds and wandered the streets towards the hill not really knowing what i was going to ride up.  Eventually made the decision to head up Bowenvale, something i'd not ridden up for a long while.  What a steep mothah she is.  Dabbed once or twice, walked not much lower down, but a bunch of sections on the 4wd zigzags up top.  Met one 29r heading down on the singletrack, and a group up top heading in.  Was toasted with the lack of wind and beating sun, and struggled out the top of Huntsbury to the meeting of the singletrack and road.

Very short rest, then hit the Traverse towards Vic.  Took me a minute to wind up but once i was rolling i felt okay.  Passed a few around the way.  The dipper is reinstated, but i didnt get to try it cos on the approach my pedal smacked a rock nearly throwing me off (and down into the dip), thankfully i managed to squirrel my way out of it and around the hole to continue.  Then it was straight into the Thomsons, meeting a couple guys near the end, not enjoying the splatter on the second half. 

Up the road to top of Worsley, getting passed by several Nun shuttler vehicles, and seeing them at the top.  Stopped under the pine tree for snackage, watching a group of fella's struggling their ways up the top of the Bodybag.  Most were walking.  Wind was howling at this point, but only here, no where else.  Hit the dirt and bombed down the 'bag, rapidly picking up speed.  then bailed up the last nasty climb of the day to top of the "Hidden" or B-line track.  Lovely in here in the forest.  swooped the berms and over the features i missed the other night. Passed a couple of rude little grom XC geeks on flash new plastic 29rs near the top, they were on their way up.  then had a sweet run down, one very close call where my front wheel dug in a little too much on a loose needly corner.  Kept right after the pylon and bombed my favourite drops and bumps.

Clambered back up to find a posse and one guy holla "nice bike!", to which i said "Thanks" and kept riding so they chased me out the bottom and he started talking friendly like.  He has one too.  We rode the rest of the way down the hill chatting, then i peeled off over the stile into the zig zag drop into the valley and down that piece of singletrack, a little more formed now, and surfaced lower down, then climbed back up to the final Worsley hairpin and blasted down for the town ride home, along the river to Colombo then the rest.  Home on 12.30...  pretty toasted.

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