Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tuesday roond toon bruined

Treadled over to Steve's on the Troll and there were Warren and Wayne and Steve and Robin, and Pete arrived after me on grandad.  Steve rode his cruiser with the fat tires.  Warren and Wayne were on their old mounties.  We backstreeted our way to Somerfield Park where we met up with Tony and Andy and Marie, Andy on his singlistic marin and Marie on her townie.  We backstreeted in pretty much a straight line up to Hagley Park and near the hospital found Hubbster (also on his singlistic marin).

Around Hagley Park all the way with a lot of speed gained on the river path to the Armagh Bridge.  From here, through town, Tuam, Madras then over vacant lot, wrong way on Barbadoes and Chester alley way to Pomeroy's where we drank some beer.  I enjoyed a Parrotdog IPA, a Hud a wah and a Her Majesty's...  All good.  Matt turned up there too.  Decisions were made about the trip and eventually people dribbed and drabbed away, with a stolid core of four venturing forth to my abode for a little more frivolity before turning into pumpkins at midnight.

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