Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Trip, Part 3, Monday

Gondola Pass for a.m.  10 til 2.  Heaps of laps, mostly with Hubby.  Ripping down Hammys to get a feel for it all.  Then Vertigo, and "Singletrack" Sandwich into lower Original.  Hammys again, Vertigo again, Shit Sandwich again, repeat, numerous times, getting faster and faster.  slowly getting a sorer and sorer neck too...
Then finished last ride to top by 1.45, figured may not make it back in time for last ride up at 2ish (but probably would have), and met all for lunch.  Then off up (mistakenly) Ben Lomond Track.  past the no bikes sign, and on upwards, til finally deciding it wasnt going to join onto the track we could see waaaay across the valley, back down and found Fernhill trail off a lower corner of Hammys, so off up that, lots of walking and pushing up up up up up, finally catching the rest just before the 'top', and the track we could see.  around that, and more ups to the real top, not to mention the fallen trees to clamber over.  then down down down zigging and zagging then ploughing down fire trails finally coming out at Wynyard's Jumps Dream Area Park thingy.  down through that, and out then Mark says "up here", so Pete, Nels, Hubb, Mark and me head up, carrying.  Mark gives up.  We carry on, eventually find the track again, steep up up up, back onto Hammys and on down back to base.

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