Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Trip, Part 4, Tuesday

Steve crookguts.  Left Warren's car at bottom of Zoots and drove to top of Skippers in rest of vehicles.  Way less snow than Sunday.  Headed down, Mark then Nelson then me then Pete, excellent trail, rutty up top section requiring 'skinnies' skills to avoide catching the edge of your tire and losing balance.  Lower down, splashy in places, with a few wee stream crossings and seeps and one big slump.  These lower stretches had a nice gradient.  Quite the spectacular landscape around and above us, a great bit of country.  Out the bottom down a 4wd bit, across a stream, with a wooden bridge provided, tho several negotiated the river crossing, all making it, albeit with wet feet.  Then ensued the massive ride back up the road to the top.  Taking Nelson, Pete and me 35mins, and the rest all straggling in in good times for the next 10-15 minutes or so.  We then blasted down Zoots, Pete leading, me chasing and unable to shake Andrew off my tail - all the way I could feel him breathing down my neck I felt like I was holding him up!  Back to Warren's car for drivers to return and all drive home.

Afternoon, lots of procrastination coupled with a bit of rainfall, allowing most to pike, but Pete, Nelson, Matt and me drove round to Arthur's Point and up McChesney to end of Moonlight Track (part of Moke Circuit).  This ended up being one of the best sections of awesome singletrack of the whole trip.  Scarily massive exposures in places, and a fair few bits of chuffing pushing up up.  Up and down, around.  Just before a big push, we stopped and Matt stopped to rest, while the other three of us carried on along the trail.  Eventually, after one or two more reasonable climbs and a sidle or descent or two, we could see a big descent we knew we didnt want to push back up, so we turned back and rode everything back to Matt (who'd had a wee wander on foot).  The ride back from here we rode all we'd previously pushed.  The last section after the creek crossing was blissful. 

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