Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday's Up up uppity up.

a work field trip checking out a bit of historic and recreational stuff had me at Godley Head, with my bike, so, once everyone else vanned off, i filled up with water and hit the trail about 3.40pm.  Hot sun, afternoon light, bit of an easterly behind me, all good.  Had a nice blast round to Breeze Col, then hit the climb up, straight up the 'fall line' rather than the zig and zag, then over and good blast down to Livingston, then the real climb began.  Proud to say i stayed in big (36t) ring all the way, never having to resort to granny.  Was a good climb.  Stopped at one stage to change out of merino t-shirt into my orange nzo trike one, much cooler.  Onwards up, all climbing nicely, first bridge, then boardwalk then the next then through across and round and along and finally hit some downhill, swooping and enjoying and relishing and blazing.

Evans Pass, checked the chiming of the messages and made a call out to hear the quote for the Fiat brakes, rang them and arranged, then onwards.  Hmmm...  4.05 or so, do i go up the road or up Greenwood??  Should be okay on Greenwood, so, off up i start the clamber...  Again, managing to stay in big ring the whole way, tho, a couple of dabs and one or two short walks due to total wiped-outness.  But, all in all, a nice climb, and definitely needed.  I'd told 'her indoors' that i'd be off the hill by 4.30 and home well before 5, but it just wasnt to be.  Made the road top of Greenwood at 4.30, and pushed hard up to Britten Reserve where i absolutely blazed down the 'new' singletrack, holla'ing at sheep to get the fuck out 'the way, and nearly totally overcooking the first hairpin.  Over the fence fast, down the road, down the wee reserve track (NOT skidding, which took some work) out onto the road, and flew down to Craigieburn Place and into the steps, trot trot trot, then back on and flying zig, zag, zig, zag, then rollllllling floating wafting squirrelling all through the fun wee track, watching out, careful like, on all the loose grass then absolutely flying down the last stretch, rocket speed, out onto the road and it was 4.40.  Time for the drudge.  At least there was a tail wind, ish, Pushed it hard all the way home and got in the door at 5.05, to a, thankfully, not unhappy girl.  W00t!

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