Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wednesday night Worzle Shenanigans

Nelson to mine after work and we parked up over in Croftfield Place, yet again, much as we had for my recent ill-fated Wednesday evening (five weeks ago now).  Following that ride very similarly, we cruised round Cashmere Stream Esplanade and then up the valley betwixt Worsley and Westmorland, taking what would be a sweet line if only someone wandered up it with a weedeater; long grass getting the better of us numerous times.  Back onto the skinny singletrack and then up the zig zags, the top ones making my legs hurt to the point of getting off.

Up the road, expecting Craig to catch us any time, him having left home a similar time to us entering the valley.  We didn't see him.  Got to the dirt bottom end of Worsley and started our clamber.  I went slow; something I found myself doing on every climb this evening.  My excuse being, legs tired from last night's ride, and also the Nor'waster sapping the energy with its heat, plus my fast (tailwind) ride home tonight, not to mention the head wind to work, and headwinds both ways yesterday (and probably the day before that too!).  We stopped where we often do, and spotted Craig powering up, so we got going again, and it wasnt til i was approaching the bottom of the body bag that he overtook - riding a Liteville 301(in black).  Sweet ride!  Quick chat, and we headed up the entrance to all the mcvicars trails.  I led off on the down, peeling left down the 'new' line and proceeding to bomb it pretty well, Craig sitting far enough off my tail and Nelson beyond that.  At a big rock I baulked, once i'd seen what the roll out wasnt, so they both got past me then, and i chased, struggling to keep up.  we peeled right into the F.C. and had a great blast, with Nelson bailing up on a corner and me slipping past, chasing Craig, all the way out the best (right hand) line to the bottom.  It's improved with all the riding that has obviously been occurring on it.

Up the 4wd access back up, struggling once again on the steep bit midway, to the top of  Dave's (or my AC Joint) and we zipped off down this, me taking the rear, on account of nervousness, perhaps, wary of an injurious trail.  Anyway.  not as fast as my last ride down here, and cleaned the bit i'd crashed on, and went on to clean the rest of it all the way down, chute and all.  SWEEEET.  Climb out was hard work, again, i was shitted.  Walked a bit after our creek crossing (which is still holding up really nice).  Caught the guys and off up the 4wd again.

Craig peeled off home from here, and Nelson and me continued back up the steep 4wd in the forest to the pylons where we turned around and rode back down our old favourite, discovering how short it was, but enjoying it nonetheless.  Then it was down and out, back down the road, and back down the zigs and zags and narrow narrow overgrown (a little) singletrack into the valley and back round the esplanade to the car.

Well earned souvlaki eats on Colombo St, and an even more well earned Tuatara A.P.A at Pom's finished off a damned good evening spent.

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