Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Tuesday night Pleasantries.

Cool wee ride tonight.  Great to be back out on the bike.  Got to Pete's and we jetted to Upper Major Hornbrook to meet Steve and Robin, Wayne and Warren, Andy, and then Matt.  Up through Britten Reserve on the newish track, sweet climb, then round the old Britten trail to the road, fast descent through the cone chicane to Cavendish Saddle and onto the new trail climb.  Grunty wee climb, requiring good concentration, which takes your mind off the climbing itself.  Trail has had a bit more done to it since Nelson and me first came up here.  At Broadleaf, gravel, up through the gate to the towers, over a new stile, down round the new line and over another new stile and on down down down, twitchy to keep up with the track.

Onto Greenwood back out towards the Summit Rd start, Pete tight on my tail the whole way.  Turned around and rode back the way we'd come, me letting Pete go and him hoofing off away out front.  Took a squiz at the old gun emplacements on top, then back up the way we'd come down not long prior.  This climb keeping you focused on the riding not the climbing too, good gradient, a bit grunty, in places, and a little bit of walking on the steep rocks up top.  Past the towers again, and nor'west overspill rain started.  The trail back to Cavendish was tighter in places than the other side, but the last tack across the slope towards (yet another new stile) was awesome, wind behind, flowing across the slope and down, with a cool twisty just before the stile.

Back up the road through the 'cut' and back into the Brittens.  Sweet fast descent down the final stretch back to the cars by 8.15.

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