Monday, January 14, 2013

Quick Monday evening Taylors catchment circuit

Found myself over at the Taylors bach for the evening, so hit up the road, randomly finding my dog coming out of someone elses driveway, so ran him back to the bach and they'd lost him...  headed up the road again, and onto the walking track up.  Clean clean clean, not a dab, a couple of wee breather rest stops but the lower range of gears had it good for me the whole way.  Over the top stile and up the gravel, even easier, over the gate, with heaps of flyingmen wafting around, checked them out briefly before going round the road to the gate and up up up to the Godley trail.

Downhill now, minding the edges of the ruts, just think of it as a skinny board, no wavering, roll roll roll, a fast bike's a stable bike, 'n all that, onwards down, finally picking up some more flowy speed on the teddington shit section, boogying over the last woodfeature then railing it down to the fence gap.  Tried out the upper line but it just doesnt go anywhere, found the old attempts at making a zigzag track in there, they're certainly not getting ridden, so back onto the main track for the funky wavy back and forth down to finally Livinston Col.

Clambered around and up out of there and over towards Breeze, long grass keeping the track oh so narrow and tight, again with the ruttiness, til finally branching round and back over the PFMTBC rock and on down, minding the tire-catchers, over the cattlestop and onto the road.

Next up, down from Breeze, again with the overgrown lonnnng grass heads, clipping handlebars, trail a distant grey dirt thing below, slowly building speed round, through over a washout and round finally into the Snake.  Lots of speed, bumpitty bump, jump or two, railing, trailing, never flailing, eventually into the new section, oh dear, not as flowy as further up, gonna take a little to get the hang of, and then yay, into the tail, still very long dry dry grass heads, back starting to play up, soreness aching its way into my ride, making the last descent to the bottom quite excruciating.

Rolled through the carparks and struggled back up to the car.  Back to the house, togs on, down to the beach with the dog and straight into the surf.  Fantastic!  What a way to ease out the lactic and relax into an evening of a couple of good beers and some nice wine.

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