Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday's sun daze early shorty

To avoid the heat of the forthcoming day, Andy arranged an early start, four of us meeting at top of Worsley Rd at 8.30 - being Andy, Warren, Dallas and myself.  We got going up the track, Dallas having a couple of tumbles (one Andrew cut him off), moseying all the way up to bottom of Bodybag then heading off up for the BCDEF-lines.  Took the lefthand, "F-Line" down, me stopping a wee ways down wondering if the others had gone the old way, taking off my sunnies at the same time it being so dark in the forest.  They'd also done the same and soon got down to me, and we headed off again.  On down, grooving all the grooviness, then peeling right, across into the Club de Fight, loving the crap out of it all the way out to the bottom.

Back up the nice climb to the mains again and i led them down my ACJoint / Dave's Track steep bugger that it is.  A couple of sections baulked me this time, but i managed my crashpoint, tho not the next bit before the final chute.  Andy got most of the steeps, but Warren and Dallas need a little practice.  Otherwise a great steep bugger of a downhill, followed by a grunty crunchy climb out, me cleaning it grannywise for the first time with no walking.  Andy rode it pretty much all too, alas the other two didnt quite have enough in the tank.  No worries guys, first time i've managed to ride up it all!

Back up round the rest of the climbs back to the top again and we headed off down back to the cars.  All in all a good ride, short, but sweet.  Back to Andy's for coffee.

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