Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Morning Ken Nun Club Line

Droved to Andy's and awaited the rest.  In short time Steve, Wazza, Wayne and Robin turned up, then the 6 of us headed round the foot of the hill to Halswell (that ends well) Quarry and up the C2, which i must say is a mighty fine wee section of track.  Good efforts, once again, Chch Singletrack Club.  The sun was sunny and the day had plenty of hotness in it and we clambered up in good style, with the worst of the heat being on the Crocodile proper, especially down in the valley steeps.  Once up on Kennedy's there was some respite in the form of a breeze or three. 

Dabbed on the wee pinch above the pond then pretty well cleared the rest.  Waited to close the gate, then piece by piece we ventured over Siberia and regrouped down there ready for the climb.  Not bad, picked my 'new favourite' gear, granny and 3rd, mostly and just trundled on upwards.  couple stops before the final grind.  Surprised myself and actually cleaned it, something i'd not done for a long while.  We regrouped again and then cruised the last to the road, and on up top of Marley's.  Robin was feeling the heat so wandered off to shelter under the big pine, while the rest of us rocketshipped off over the Nun.  Had a good run down here, leaping very nicely most of the way, even overtaking a dude part way down, in the rocky section.  Back up the road to the top.

Rested in the nice cool wind and ate some OneSquare and the others all were scared of the wind so bombed off down, so i chased, and met them again at the top of B-Line/Hidden/FightClub...  I led the way, Steve having only ridden it once before, and enjoyed the tech challenge of it a little bit greasy.  Kept you on your toes.  Got all the way through the worst rocky section, only to have a stick thrust itself between frame and rear tire, very effectively putting the brakes on.  Onwards down and decided to bail on the lower section, if the previous dampness and sketchiness was anything to go by, and bombed on down the old usual, off first to the left, then the right, swooping down through the dips and woops out to the wee climb back up and out the finish.

Final blast down the road, me peeling off and taking the somewhat overgrown dirt sideline, allowing the boys to get well ahead before catching them and all stopping back at Andy's for a coffee. 

Almost exactly a year since i was last on Kennedy's proper (down, not up)...  crikey.  and 4 and a half years since i climbed it!

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