Sunday, March 03, 2013

Saturday Bottled afternoon

Took O, H and Jet out to Bottle Lake and met up with Tom and Tane, Mark, Margaret, Rata and Matai (tagalonging) and we all skedoodled around the sandpit.  Barely saw Jet most of the time, cos i was staying back with H most of the ride, and he was off with Tom, Tane and O.  Stopped at beach for a good long play for the kids, and Jet who met and played with every dog that turned up, then onwards we proceeded.  H, Jet and me took the route back that I'd done on Wednesday morning, and the others all took the longer way round.  The boys bet us back, but probably mainly cos H and me stopped and ate blackberries next to the pond in the middle while Jet cooled off. 

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