Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sunday Morning Huntraverse VicHidden Oldskool

Sluggish start to the morning, and a patch to do, left home at 10.35am.  Rode Stanmore Nursery Wilsons to Ramahana Aotea Huntsbury climb.  just chugged away at it and made the top by 11.25am.  Short rest, letting a dad and son get ahead along the Traverse, but getting away before a big group showed up, then caught father and son before Lava Flow and they generously let me past.  Bombed round the traverse, catching a guy going really slowly just before Vic, into the trees, yumpity yumpity, over the see saw, a couple of brake free leaps and then off down into the gums all the way down my favourites and then all the way down to the end of the road, and back up to the skidder site all in 15 minutes!  mad.  Had a rest and an Ozzie dude on a Crack'n'fail got talking to me for a while, Sam.  Good bloke.  Asked about bikeshops open for new chain, and I said probably BASIC be the closest.  He'd been riding around our area for a week or so, done Hogs Back, and Hanmer, as well as most of the Port Hills trails.  He then asked if he could join me so we headed down through Shazz's, Brent's, Flow, Bridges-new and into Hidden Valley Link, stopped and munched a few blackberries, then up and over Old Skool.  He loved it.  Stopped and chatted a few times on the way down.  Good rider, right on my tail most of the way, and i wasnt going slow.  chatted riding down Bowenvale Ave, exchanged details, and he peeled off to the bike shop, that was at about 12.30.  If ever we're anywhere from Brisbane to Byron Bay, look him up for a ride.

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