Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Dyers Nun Vic OldSkool

The 'crew' rode last night after the rain stopped, and had a jolly old time from the account of it...

I got to Nelson's work on the BFe and we rushhoured across to Holliss Ave.  Changed, and headed up the Ave, listening to my new tires wearing themselves out on the road.  Got to the end and our old route up through empty sections is no longer, so had to take the steps down, then along and up more steps eventually onto Longhurst Tce.  From here it was up the singletrack below the houses up to the forestry plot, where for a change we headed up to the right, following the top edge of the houses, then up through the trees to the dog park and into Vic Park Drive.  Over and down to the Old Dyers track.  Nelson sorted out a rattly disc Centerlock thingy, and we rode on.  While he was doing that we were passed by sooo many riders coming down.  and a couple riding up, who we passed further up.  On up to where they've chipped it, and lowest common denominated it, no wonder so many people are using it now...  Last grunts to the road are easier now, except for the steepness.

Then it was up the road for a short time, and onto the wee walking track above the road, which is nice, saves the tires, couple of wee steeps, and when it met the road again we crossed and got onto the next section of walking track, up the steps, down the steps up up and around to the road and on up to the Nun.  Another group of riders on the way up to here.  They took off and we waited a bit, then we were off.  Down, just taking it easy as seems to have become the custom.  Annoyed at the braking bumps people who cant ride properly leave behind, grrr, but otherwise a nice run.  I was tight on Nelson's tail for the lower half, like about a bike's length, making flying over the new doubly jumps certainly interesting with no forewarning of what I was getting myself into.

Up to the upper Thomson's, cruising up and then with plenty light left we headed around the Summit, blazing away, me gasping on the climbs.  Around to the top of Lavaflow we went, then turned back and headed into the sun.  Did a little better on the way back, and had a great run on the last downs towards Vic, where we blazed into the dark trees, greasy under there, Nelson over the seesaw me down through the cattlestop and on down adjacent to Brakefree as Nelson hopped and popped, then bailed and joined me.  Off down over the rocks and through the perfumed and fragrant gums, my favourite little lefty and around down round over the jump around back down into the next section and then on down all the way to the bottom.

Back up the road to the skidder and straight into Spazza's, nice blast down there, round into Brent's taking the right hand side, and into the bottom of rad^sick, poaching the lead when Nelson took the line that spits you into a jump, me leading, bypassing the creek jump then straight across into Flow.  Brief blinding by long grass, letting Nelson ahead again down into Bridges and Nubridges and on out and down.  Bit rough down the bottom of there.  Then high speed down to Hidden Valley Linker.  Both botched the start, but rolled on up the rest.  Caught up to a woman on a red Nomad around the 2nd hairpin and she let me pass for the steep climb through the trees, which nearly killed me.  Caught the rest of her group at the fence, Nelson and me rested while they carried on.  Felt a bit dizzy when i stood up again, but we continued on, blazing and wafting and hauling ass down OldSkool, juuust catching the woman again at the bottom.  I had one very close call going between those rocks at the beginning of the last switchbacky section near the bottom.

then it was down Bowenvale, Wedgewood, Landsdowne and through the park to the car.  Done and dusted.  And sore in the neck.

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