Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finally some Sun(day)shine

Short ride today.  Days and days and days of extreme rain, flooding, snow, etc, and finally the day dawned blue skied and frosty, black ice frosty.  I leaped on the Troll and headed for Steve's, slipping once, squirrelly styles on the Stanmore Tuam corner, but surviving and making it to Steve's just after 9.10, to find them gone, and a couple of message on my phone.  Made contact, they were on Ferry Rd (just cruising), so hit the chase and caught them tootling along just before the bridge.  Up St Andrew's Hill we cruised, warming up nicely, delaminating a little part way up.  The Alfine 1st gear did me well, and 2nd and 3rd a couple times before the top.  All the way up to Summit Rd, enjoying the views and the sunshine, then change of gloves and hat on and off down the road for an easy going coast, bit of grit, but thankfully no ice to be had.  Loads of water everywhere, pouring out of the hills, creeks where there's usually nothing, flowing across the roads - so it was good having mudguards.

Evan's Pass and a rocket ride down the road, a bit of grit about here too and one river crossing it where they'd done the massive blasting.  ...and, alongside the containers, Dot Com, at like 10.40.  Coffee etcetera enjoyed by all and back round the ways.  I was at Joy's at about 11.45 and the others headed their respective directions. 

Later, from Taylors, with H and T and Joy, we walked out to Boulder Bay.  The track has been thrashed by the rainfall.  Soggy bits, a few wee holes, the steps have lost half their fill, plus the odd slump of sloppy muck sprawled across the track.  Should have dried out a bit by Tuesday, maybe.

My Fat Franks arrived the day after this post, and have now fitted them to the Troll.  The ride is superb.  Smoother, quieter, more comfortable, and faster.  2.35inch, brown, and came with built in kevlar puncture resistant strip.  Couldnt ask for a better town tire.

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