Sunday, June 02, 2013



Yesterday i fitted a new handlebar and some grips.  750 wide, wiiiide... 

This afternoon i got out for a spin.  Rain due for Monday (day off for the Queen) so figured i had to ride.  Just me and the bike, no bag, not intending on going far.  Headed up Decanter Bay Rd, not a bad wee grind, minimal granny used (unlike this time when i just stood and pushed harder), then nice gravel road descent into Decanter, and then onwards up the road towards Menzies.  Climbed and climbed til there was a respite, whereupon i took in the view, enjoyed the blustery breeze and turned around and headed back the way i'd come.  This time tho i took as much off piste as possible, riding cattle trails mostly, just above above the road, til i rounded over the cattlestop entering Decanter and it was road the rest of the way.  Faaast descent into there, then clamber clamber out of there, stopping to check out the (past it) Cape Gooseberries (was hoping for some wicked anti-oxidants), onwards back up and over, jetting up to warp-speed for the latter half of the road back into the bay.  All up maybe an hour out and 600 odd metres of climb on.

Meanwhile, found and rather enjoyed this vid, Steve Peat mongering Santa Cruz's newest thoroughbred...

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