Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday night more McVicar meanderings

Nelson and me got up the hill tonight.  Almost a repeat of my last ride, but not quite.  Parked up top of Worsley's Rd and hit the dirt.  Rode up at a much better clip than Sunday, cleaning lots more of the mucky bits and feeling not so bad.  Nasty mess where those 4WDs were stuck the other day, but overall maybe a little drier than then.  Up the access to the B-Line Zone and off up the newby, apparently called Tommy's 2 (Tommy apparently being one of the guys building in there; nice job, fella).

Cleaned nearly all the climb this time, bar one or two bits and then I led off into the descent.  Swoopy steep, flowing through, lost it on one corner which Nelson cleaned behind me, then went up to show me how he'd done it again.  On down, more steepness, tho, nothing as steep as in Dave's.  Couple of wee jumpies that you need to know are coming.  I'd forgotten about them from Sunday, but remembered when I saw them and baulked, cos on Sunday they'd nearly thrown me over the bars.  Anyway, down we went for a while, then I figured we were at the point where it cuts back to the left and goes even steeper hangs a right and down into the wooden jump followed by the halfpipey bit and the mudmire, so, here we stopped and dropped the bikes and started scoping out another line off to the right.  I walked ahead looking while Nelson followed me down dragging a stick through the pine needles to guide us later.  I got bluffed, so we found a way further down onto a good bit and continued on down, eventually getting all the way out to where we could see the forestry road.  So, back up towards the bikes, tweaking bits and pieces as we went and then the into the first run.  Both stalled on a rock feature a third of the way down, so dragged the bikes back up a bit and carried rocks and placed them.  Then Nelson did a bunch more work and we gave it another go all the way from the top, all the way through.  I screwed up a couple of bits but the follow through finish is quite good.  Then we rode and pushed back to the top again and rode it again, this time me getting more, and I think Nelson cleaning it all.  Bit of a drop onto the road and back round under Fight Club and on back up to the junction.

Here we headed up the steep forestry bastard climb into a spitty drizzle and mist in the pylon clearing meeting two other guys up there.  Chatted with them and learned the Tommy's details mentioned above, and they continued on up and we peeled off into Fight Club.  Me leading, sweet run down through this, with excellent traction and it felt really easy compared to Tommy's 2, so we had a great run, startling a hare near the top, and a possum at the bottom, me putting the gap on Nelson in the top half, then him starting to catch me in the rougher stuff down lower.  At the exit, my front wheel was looking like it was going off too much to the left, so I stepped off the back of the bike as it went over the drop and it stopped and I kept going and my knee hit my seatpost quick release lever which embedded itself in my knee.  Fucking smarted.  i squatted and stood and moaned for a bit then got it moving and got riding.  had a look at it and it was that kinda white flesh before blood flows, but i covered it and rode on back up, pain subsiding as i rode.  Back to the Junction and in for the final descent, taking a low line below the tank and pretty much missing the worst of the muck there, then the final return to the main track and the worst muck of the evening, and back down to the car through a starfield of water droplets.  At the car, lifted my knee covering to discover a nice wee slit with blood.  And now, at home, its swelled up real nice.

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