Saturday, January 04, 2014

First ride for 2014, Menziesii

2nd of Jan, 2014, Tom and me headed off on the bikes.  Hup Decanter Bay Rd, waiting at the top for a couple stock trucks through and bombed the gravel down into the valley and then climbed and climbed, nice hot morning, round past Rehutai and down the steep into Menzies.  Past a bull and met a woman on a bike heading back up.  Rested a bit and she came back to us, freaked by the bull...  Turned out she was from the bach below ours!  Rode past the bull with her then Tom proceeded to get away from me at the same rate i was getting away from her, spacing us out for the climb up.

Past Rehutai again, stock truck up there and getting moving, so Tom and me pedalled hard over the last rise to stay ahead of it, and then bombed on down round into Decanter, awesome views to along all the heads to behold.  Down into the valley and started on the climb, about half way to the first hairpin the truck turned up and we stopped to let it's dust settle, and he stopped to comment on how fast we were...  "You guys were flying!"

Onwards upwards, checking on the Cape Gooseberry, should be ripe in a month.  and then over the top and down the seal chip to Little Ak.  Back up to the house and into togs and straight back down for a good swim.

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