Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday 25th Jan, Kaiteriteri Mtnbike Park.

Family all rolling on bikes, we rode from where we were staying at Bethany Kristian Kamp down the road and into the bike park.  Easy Rider now serving double duties as the beginning (or end) of the Great Taste Cycle Trail, O on his 24inch rigid Norco, H on his 20inch 8spd Merida kiddy mtnbike, and T on her (my ex) Schwinner, rode up Easy Rider, around Cruise Control, which climbs surprisingly high, us uttering words of encouragement the whole way.  Into Glade Runner and they got to enjoy some downwardsness, loving it, then into Revelation, at the end of which they all said they'd loved it and would do it again but had had enough and headed off down the forestry track back to Kamp, and i took off up Ziggy, then up Corkscrew all the way to the top.  Phew.  Hot...  Into the descent, whoopeeee, down down back and forth, and into Dive, cutting off heaps of the zigs and zags, and then climbing again, back up to Big Airs, which i rode up to Skullduggery. 

Skullduggery was longer than i'd remembered it, which was cool, and i had a great time on it, taking all the little XX lines and roosting and pumping my way around it.  Eventually I arrived at the Bayview/Rockface intersection and once again was intrigued by the new trail leading off to the south...  Took it.  It was fun.  swoopy and ziggy, like everything in there, but eventually came to a box of tools and no more trail.  middle of no where.!  oops.  Shouldered my bike and climbed straight up a ridge following a pink flagging tape line up to quite near the big tank.  From here i found Remedy and bombed down (or more, along and down) it, loving all the steep-as drops and root sections, before too long reaching Shady Lady and fanging it down here.  Once again, slightly longer than memory held it, but all too soon dropping into the bottom of the gully, (finding a small boy on a small bike on a bridge.? then his mother and another boy) into the climb, and finally repeating Revelation and then out down the road to Kamp and a well earned swim at the beach...

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