Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thursday evening Worsley Playpen up down repeat until done.

Picked up car from spenny repair job, and drove to top of Worsley's.  On the way there realised i had no water, so swung by Andrew's.  Didnt look like anyone home, no answer to knock, so helped myself to their tap, then surprised a just woken Jenna from dodgy hidden spot behind trellis...  oops.  no matter.  she was fine with it. 

Parked up the hill, changed and waited and in no time Nelson arrived, with Craig behind, riding up.  Craig helped Nelson with some suspension settings, and so i got going ahead just so's i wouldn't be puking my ring out trying to keep up.  They caught me as i was delayering, and we got going.  Struggled my way up behind them and cleaned pretty much the whole way up.  Up the left to the B-Line starters, and on up to Hangloose.  Nelson led in, me following, Craig going it easy on his retro beast.  Excellent run down.  I stopped at the jump to tighten my thru-axle, while Nelson walked back up to try out the drop.  A bit further down, after the clearing we spotted a trail off to the left, but took the right hander on downwards, relishing the steepness and the edgy-ness, finishing off rolling out the bottom and hitting up the climb back up. 

Back up the main drag, cleaning the tiny section i stuffed up first time round, and nearly dying at the top.  On upwards up the trail to the very top again, and back into Hang Loose, this time checking out the beginnings of a line off to the right before the clearing, and finding it a dead end, but also exploring a bit and finding a cliff over the edge, and hearing voices, and Nelson investigated and it was some climbers... Back up onto the trail, and took the left hander this time, which kinda went back to the original Tommy's 2, but dropping a fair way first, and some really steep and hairy, finally some familiar Tommy's 2, taking it all the way down for the first time since the first time...  nice to see a rideable line around that silly wooden jump...

Back up the access track and into up the steep nasty little guts track, me gasping, up through to the cliff top and into Waynes World.  I led in and rolled it, having a nice time, but as i got to Fight Club i realised no one was following me, so stopped and waited.  and waited.  and waited.  Then started walking back up, up, up and nearly at the top finally see them coming.  Nelson's pedal had caught a wire as he entered the rockgarden at the top and he supermanned, thankfully into something soft.  We continued on down, Nelson tight on my tail, all the way down and out the bottom for the third time. 

Back up the access track and up the guts again, this time just to the pylon clearing and turned back for the oldskool descent back down to the access track, up that for the last time and down and out back to the cars around 8pm.  Awesome ride.

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