Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday morning Jet in the Forest

Quick one with Jet this morning.  Not much time due to things doing, so left home a bit after 9 and were hitting the trail at 9.35, parking up top of Worsleys Rd and heading up the same one Nelson and me took on Tuesday.  Jet doing his usual lope along ahead.  Beautiful morning, and was thankful for the shade provided once up under the forest.  Rode all the way up scoping out where trails off the side were, but getting to the last big corner where the jumpy track crossed.  Just looking at it, wondering where to go when a guy on a 29er came up, also only his second time up here too.  Chatted a bit then he headed on up and I took off down below the main track following the swoopy jumpy track, with easy lines either side of each jump.  Dropped down a ways, using the altitude well, back and forth then sort of petering out after crossing a pylon access track.  Followed this down to the pylon thinking there might be another way out of there, but nope, so, back up the pylon access track, seemingly not that long back to the main track I'd left earlier.

From here I headed back down it, and checked out first one trail above it, which ended nowhere, then off another corner another pylon type track down, which I never got to the end of, then back up this, and onwards down the main track, finding a singletrack dropping down, which I followed, finding that when it reached it's bottom it turned around and headed back up, too steep to ride...  back to the main track, and down hill a bit then down another singletrack, this time it was promising but didn't really amount to much and headed back across and ending at the intersection below the powerlines.  So, all possibilities explored, I headed back off up hill, with roughly 15 minutes to spare.  All the way up to the top, saying gudday to these young groms on the jumpy track, then hitting up the main Worsley Drag, straight up the entry to the BeeLines, and straight into Tommy's.  Good swoopy blast down this, holding the right hand line most of the way down, then taking it all the way down around the bottom and coming out onto the guts track just above the pylon gap and below Fight Club entrance.  Down through the gap, hung a left, kept right and dropped across the guts track and down the old favourite that had the steep droppy bit but doesn't go all the way down anymore, but pops out not far down from the Junction.  Up to this, and down the final stretches back to the car.  1 hour's riding all up.  A hot and happy dog in the car on the way home.

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