Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sunday Bottled Klunking

Maybe some of the boys met at Steve's and rode, but i know Steve, Pete and Wazza were all out.  And I pulled out last minute cos of wedding in Ashvegas yesterday and only getting home at 1.40am - not enough sleep.

So.  Somewhere between 10.30 and 11 - O, Jet and me got out to Bottle Lake - me with the Klunker for the first time.  I've been using it round the redzone plenty regular, but this was it's first 'trail' outing.  2:1 ratio perfect for out there, and the back pedal brake was fine, except for one little steep out near North Beach (re-opened trails) that was a bit of a sketchy locked up skid.  Ooops.

So, we headed in and hung a right.  Kinda followed a family for a bit, but their boy (who looked bigger than O) was slower than O was, so eventually they let us past.  Me and O bombed the first section through towards the pagoda hill.  I managed to grovel up to the pagoda, but was sure breathing hard at the top.  Next section along the top and down was good, tho O could have gone faster on that descent.  I was having to feather the brake a little.  In hear for the last year or more we've been having to head through past those ponds, but now it's opened up again to the right, through some trees I cant believe are so big then into major clearance since last we were in there.  Looks like that jump might still be in existence, but shit's sure changed.  Along where i had my moment, and then short regroup before heading north along the beach trail.  At the top where the sand blow-outs always are (and were today) we stopped and headed onto the beach.  Jet went in to cool off, and then so did we!  I stripped to my gruds, O was wearing boardies.  Dived in and it was magnificently refreshing.  Got out and whipped off the gruds and back into my short liners then shorts and off we went again.

Along the beach north, then in and back onto the usual trail, taking in all the older less used trails where the splits happen later, then along 'muddy' road and back towards base.  O slowing down, and it getting pretty hot for Jet, but he was lapping it up and loving it all.  Ended up back at the car about 12.30?  Nice

3 years of the Troll...!!!

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