Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday's Social Worsley Nun Guv'nor

Had left my cellphone at home today, so never got a message from Andy about riding, and had organised with Nelson for something so he picked me up from work and we cruised across to Worsley's and up the hill.  5.45 by the time we unloaded and hit the trail.  This time something new.  Over the gate by the carpark and up the double singletrack through the gorse and broom strewn field, past the bottom of that jumpy trail and into new country.  Good steady climb on well trodden 'singletrack', stopping to check out potential trails below this track.  A guy on a Pivot appeared and told us a bit about the trails, and we cruised on up the hill with him, chatting away now and then, and us in awe of this cool new area.  At a big corner a trail crossed the our track with jumps visible, and it was parallel to our track the rest of the way up.  I'd been in the top of this area another time with Jet.  The jumpy track crossed our track once or twice, and eventually we made the top, across the top of the forest and we were on the main drag of Worsley's just below the Body Bag.

Up the BodyBag we went.  I struggled to keep my lunch down, Nelson and the Pivot dude rolled on apparently effortlessly to the top.  I stopped in the steepest section and breathed very heavily for some time then got rolling again and managed to clean the rest of it, wanting to puke so bad as I laboured across the carpark and just getting it in check as I followed Nelson up the entrance to the Nun.  He was a ways ahead and got off to walk...  Puncture number one.  I rode past him and collapsed at the top of the Nun and he arrived and got to fixing the leak.  Some other riders turned up and we all chatted friendly like for a bit.  One was even on a Switchback, and his mate was on a brandnew XC type bike, first time ever mountainbiking.  One or two other riders cruised through and these guys took off.  Then another guy on a Santa Cruz turned up and was from Rotovegas and after chatting with him for a bit he asked if he could tag along.  No problem, so off down the Nun I led, then Nelson, then him.  Lost the chain just before the steeeep corner, so, got that on again and off down we went - keeping it in a spinnier gear.  Blast down here, swoopy swoopy fun times, easy going, and Nelson sorta holding back a bit to allow the other guy to keep him in view.  I paused at the halfway point, waited for them both to nearly get to me then took off again.  Good blast down the lower section with no sketchy nose wheelies due to the kicker part way down.  I paused again down in the lower swoopies and heard Nelson curse, then spotted the other dude, so got rolling again out to the end.  Our new friend turned up and indeed, another flat for Nels.  Saw him up at the corner on the road waving and fixing so we rolled on up and he patched that.

Rolled on again, up the road, and at the carpark the guy decided he needed to make tracks, timewise, so we gave him directions to the Worsley trails and said goodbye.  Nelson and me headed off over into the Gov's Bay track, which was rolling pretty good.  Nice and tight and close knit, it was good rolling down round that side of the hill, having been practically a year since the last time.  We decided we didn't have time, again, to go lower down and explore into the valley on the new(ish) section of trail, so continued around and up, me cleaning most of it, Nelson all of it, including the very top, which I fluffed and puffed-out on.

Onwards up the road again, this time all the way, with a short singletrack detour on the last section of the walktrack above the road before Worsleys Rd.  Up this, and into the the descent.  Hussin' down the Bodybag, nearly losing it just below the flat (was what a quagmire) spot but just saving it.  Up into the B-Line trails and on up to the top of these.  Short exploration looking for the supposed trail from the top, no sight of it, and then we hit Tommy2's... Awesome blaze down here, brakes getting hotter and hotter, some sketchy moments, but good descending.  Two corners caught me out, and I ended up stopping, perched off the back of the bike, barely able to climb away from it, but rolling away straight away and riding the rest out.  So steep!  At the bottom there was an audience, and as I rolled through announced "woosy lines, me" in case they were expecting me to jump stuff.

Climb climb climb up to the junction then up the Guts track, gasping yet again, but cleaning it all up.  Another chat stop with a random under the power lines, then onwards and upwards to the cliff top.  Into Wayne's World, taking a couple of weird corners but then finding the one I wanted and across and down, Nelson not knowing where he was, thinking I was leading him down the shit track descent shortcut, but no, across to Fight Club and swooping down this, relishing the pump and the flow.  All the way down and through then back into the climb out, faster this time, for some reason, then into the final descent, some time around or after 8 back at the car.  Good ride.

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