Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday evening, beached

Quick fatty ride this evening.  left home well after 5 and ended up parking out top end of North Beach, rode in and up the trails, exploring non-bike trails and the beach and the dunes and all over the place.  Was interesting.  Found some quite cool wee gems of trails, perfect for fat tires, that would be useless on regular tires.  Meandered along the beach, into the dunes, along trails, back onto the beach.  Ended up right up at Spencer Park, and then rode various trails back near the beach again, til eventually took the wrongway trail back in round the back of the Closed area, then along a road for a while, then into a walk track that ended up crossing the southern trail before the Gazebo Hill.  Here, took a trail along the fenceline and climbed back up onto the hill and down chasing a couple.  Then it was through the last section of trail before cutting out and back to the car. 

Brief stop at Parklands for a couple of brews I've not had before, and then a dvd from Shirley and I was home just after 7.

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