Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Hog's Fat

Family weekend at Castle Hill Village, wandering around the limestone monoliths on Saturday, and a quick look with O and H up the Castle Hill end of the Hogs Back in the evening, as well as rolling around the village on our bikes.  This morning, T took O and me around to the Cheeseman Rd and dropped us off up at Texas Flat dead on 11am.  From here we ground our way up the Hogs Back, O walking bits and bobs, and me enjoying the climb on the Cooker.  Awesome day, sunny and warm, we stopped at Picnic Rock for a few snacks before O led the way over the back and down through that weird moonscape.  He did pretty good, but was very careful, which is good.  The fat tires stuck to the trail like glue, and really do provide a much smoother ride than a normal sized tire rigid bike.  Had a great run down into the bush and down through to the bridge, then a sweet flowing roll down and around, talking to the first people we met, a walking couple, who were interested in the big tires.  Onwards and through the ford then up a steep grunt, O walking that bit too, me cleaning it all.  Met a rider as we went across the open country before the final climb.  Amazing views all round.  Fun blast down the semi-rutty ridge track, O nearly crashing due to the ruts, the fat tires just eating them up not phased at all.  Two more riders just emerging from the bush as we headed down, fun blast down through the bush here and then back into the village and back to the house at 12.20...  No time at all.

Afternoon, we walked up through the Cave Stream, which was awesome, then went back down to the start (stream exit) and had a great time swimming in the river just down stream from the cave.  Spent hours there.

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