Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Fat Bottling

Nelson picked me and Jet up and we left my place about 6 for the Sandpit. Good spin round at a good clip most of the way. Jet was super fast for the first half but started to wane after our brief visit to Spencer Park, as did I. Hard work keeping up with Nelson on those big fat tires.  I played a little with air pressures.  Putting a bit of air in while we were at Spencer Park.  Changed the handling and speed quite markedly.  Just before the 'new' section towards the end, which is really shitty bumpy, I let the air I'd carried from Spencerville out, and some, and continued on.  Bump compliance was improved, but resistance and self-steering was increased.  The fatty definitely is not gonna win any races, but hell, that ain't what they're for... They's for fun.  After a bit of a muck around and Nelson having a go on the Fattster, we got home about 8.

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