Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday Morning with O

9am ish start with O.  We parked at top of Huntsbury and the Beasterly was blasting across the ridge.  Some chain troubles with him (as usual), and so I put in 5 or more links, seemingly fixing the problem (for now).  He did well climbing, but hated the wind.  We hopped up onto the singletrack and then up the landing strip, then up the grovel to the top, where we found the pfmtboys, Stevo, Andy, Wazza and Bobbin, got to check out Steve and Andy's new steeds for the first time.  Niceypie.

Said our good byes and they headed towards Vic, while O and me headed up and around Vernon with the wind blasting us as we rounded the spur, then good zoom down to Rapaki-top and into Witch.  O struggled in here due to the rockiness, and the wind around the corner was hellish.  We sheltered briefly in the lee of a cutting once on the road and snacked, then off up the road to Castle Rock.  He was done with climbing and couldn't face the climb back up from Bridle so he found shelter from the wind and I headed off down for a good blast down the trail.  Wind was pushy, but manageable, and I had a nice run down through the bends and climbing.  Then back on the road and back up the hill to O.

We blasted down the road, and across the ridge below the Tors the wind nearly pushed me off.  I got up onto the singletrack (O stayed on road), and enjoyed the challenge of this wee trail.  Met O at Witch, and I took the singletrack and he rode the road below.  Then, up the road (skipping Vernon), and across the Traverse to the fun descent down the ridge, which was being blasted by the gale, knocking O off on the jump.  Otherwise fine, and then down the landing strip and over the fence, and battled our way around the windy ridge and down to the jumpy section.  Over the gate and as we took off O caught a foot on a tussock, which made him crash (good bruise on thigh from pedal, poor guy).  Rest of the run down was fun for me, and marginal for him.

Effectively the same 15 or so kms (and 600 odd m) as this ride, but MapMyRide bollocksed it all up, as usual...

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