Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tuesday Night Tour De Pleasant.

Parked on Stoneyridge, cold beasterly blowing thru and got riding just as the sun set... Up through Britten, around the front, up Mt Pleasant, all without lights needed.  At the top, it was time for lights.  Awesome, tight on Nelson's tail, descent, following him and flowing down through to Greenwood, where we headed down the 'new' trail, with a detour down into Jollies Bush.  A zig and a zag down and up in here, then back up onto the 'new' trail, out to the Richmond Hill pines, and on up to the old Greenwood entrance.  Sheep Shit Everywhere, tires well coated.  Off down the entrance of Greenwood, around and up, then up the way we'd come, Mt Pleasant to the top again, and over and down back to Britten, around the top (below the road) and then bombed on down, excellent fast run, down to the car.

A twisty turny ramble around the tops, 13.5 kms, 410 m climbed.  Not bad for a 'warm up' for the next day.

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