Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Wednesday Night, Lights On in Lyttelt-On

Washington Way post-work pick-up and a quick stop at RoundAgain to get me a new Spoon to replace the torture implement that is the saddle that came on the Rocky... One last ride for it then, we headed through the tunnel and negotiated the steep maze that is eastern Lyttelton, parking-up on Foster Tce. Rode up and down a bunch of times on a bunch of trails all very steep and nicely technical, that's what you do in there.  A couple of young fit guys without shirts were pushing their bikes up behind us and were jealous of our lights.  Up the usual, down the ridge, I walked the steep cliffy bit, good blast down, then back up the climber (Sloanstar?) and around and back up to the top again, and down Zombie Lurch, steeeeeeep and cornery, a few of which caught me out because of the lighting.  back up the climber and around and back to the top again, and down the easier descent this time all the way down again, and then back up with a few explorations, connecting things in our head to previous times, we ended up pushing back up the top into Looper and around to the top again, and then down that way, ridge, then Zombie turn off and Stormer, detour to the cool droppy steeps, then around, small explore again, and then down back to the car.

4 ups, 4 downs tallying 550 m in 8 kms

Finished off the evening by stopping into the new Eruption Brewing premises on London St.  Their Fresh Hop Eruption IPA was mint, and the new digs is awesome - decor, brew tanks, etc...

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