Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cotic Soul... coming my way soon

Today i've purchased a brand new Cotic Soul frame off of paul at should get it early next week. constructed of Reynolds 853 goodness, its been on my drool list for quite some time.

dirtrag review of it...

and a little of what 'What Mountain Bike had this to say about it a few years ago...
"What really sets the bike apart, though, is the way it integrates the tall Fox fork into it's geometry without even a hint of the strike capability it's packing. While the DMR flaunts its big fork and demands you ram it down the throat of any trail obstacle you encounter, the Cotic really does talk quietly whilst carrying a very big stick. In fact, the invisibility of the extra fork travel is almost it's undoing. We often thought the back end was kicking around more than the others before we realised that the forks wre thumping around at full travel.
"Hit technical stuff and the enhanced capability is obvious. Even with the less than aggressive cornering tread of the Conti Verticals, hitting corners with the bike as flat as possible, saddle tucked well down towards a dropped knee and rear wheel sliding became second nature. Saw the big bars back and forth as you stamp down the power through the exit and there's no trace of tuck from the front end and every watt you can muster goes straight into the trail rather than being scattered across roots and rocks.
"Weight balance is also superb. It's easy to pop the front end up over trouble or skip the whole bike sideways to a new line, but it's still totally planted on even the most vertical climbs. In the coimpany of the Cove and Inbred we soon became blase about cleaning crux moves that we were normally only accustomed to managing on race specials. In fact, the longer we spent with the bike and the harder we pushed it, the better it responded. Even on our most cack-handed days it lifted our riding to new levels.

and bikeradar gives it a 4 1/2 stars

once the current geared switchy is built into the soul, will i no longer be 'the swtchbckr'...? will i have to change my blog name??? considering i love to ride switchbacks, i think i can safely keep this name...

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