Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mcleans Singles spin, first lights.

over a week since my ankle. on diclofenac for it, still a bit twingey, achey in the mornings...

Nelson picked me up, and we picked up Matt, in the Bongo, headed out Mcleans Is.
me nursing the ankle. first lights ride. most of first lap with light off, second half with on, but due to dusk they were a bit dim... good spin, but i was being very careful, remembering my thumb crash out there. adjustments needing to be made on the new seat on the single. weird getting the hang of it all again. second lap seemed to flow better, was getting hang of lights and reading the trail again. BAD PIG STINK out the northwestern end of the park.

Weather was performing amazingly. while we rode there was the odd lightning flash. we just finished the second lap, talking about doing a 3rd, when it absolutely HOSED down. we skeddaddled to the Van, fast as, and got under cover asap. driving home lightning was going off all around, the wind was howling, rain pouring. fantastic.

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