Monday, April 07, 2008

sunday, solo worsley, nun, vic, cool runnings...

Steve and Pete were in Hanmer, and the rest of the boys wanted to do a Scumner ride, which i couldnt be bothered with, so headed out on my own. Due to not having had any diclofenac all Saturday, my ankle ached the whole ride, really munting my mojo... Anyway, headed up Worsley's, No Tresspassing signs all over the access points to the 'Hidden' track, more's the pity. i was feeling pretty tired, so ended up walking the last of the body bag. oh, and noticed also that my derailleur hanger is bent, probably from the crash that did my ankle in... plus, the seatpost was creaking a lot, i've GOT to get the hacksaw on that frame soon. just as well i'm getting the Soul, this switchback frame is tired for now... anyway, over Marley's, down flying nun. at the corner leading onto the little new sections before the 4wd section, i met the guy building the new line across. all good. bombed down to kiwi, then up road to Thomson's, down through pines, spotted the teetertotter, ran into it a few times but just didnt wanna screw up and have to bail on my bad ankle, so chickened out. then did the 'brakefree' track, a few good wee jumps there, but not quite my style. then down through gums, had a good run down there, then up to top of Cool Runnings, good run down there, major earthworks just before the Darkness, and then out 'Bridges' as its appears to be called, down the washout drop, and down Bowenvale. spotted the zig zag track is being opened up again by the look of it... just from the first fence/gate below K2. dead end at pres. cautiously went through the final gate, and treadled home. home by 11.20, nice and early.

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