Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday a.m. Rapaki,Summit,Greenwood,Thomas

Rode across town, mild morning, to Steve's. Andrew, Tony, Pete, Matt, and Wayne. Steve not well. headed up rapaki, pushed good all the way up, hung a left, good flow round witch hill, then a good blast down Castlerock to bridle. good push round road, good flow round John Britten, then break for snacks at Greenwood. pretty good flow down there. some nice new bermed corners in the top section. the slats were slick as, i got skittery on it, and i thought to myself, someone's going down on these today. turned out it was Pete. headfirst into a rock, putting a nice dent in his helmet and giving him quite a shake. rolled on from there, good rest of the way down. then down Capt Thomas. bombed it pretty good, taking it a bit easy, baulked on the first of the techy rock bits i usually ride the left hand line down some sort of steps cut into a big rock section. cleaned the lower two nemesis's, tho, dabbed the bottom of the first one. quite a few walkers around corners so took it easy all the way down. then good road ride round to Whack, and then i rode through Charlesworth to linwood and home. contemplated cemetaries, Kerrs, river, home. maybe next time. (tho, just calc'd that adds a kilometre or more...)

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