Monday, May 19, 2008

friday night, saturday dig, sunday morning

Friday night, drove over to Nelson's and we hit the streets, then up the valley below rapaki. techy, lots of fun, wee bit of walking and dabbing. on up the maintrack, moonlight lighting the way. round summit trail on Vernon, then over Scott's Knob and the next one. Heavy dew made rocks and roots interesting. , cross road, over fence onto single then we headed round the rocketship ride trail (cos of the new 'seal', ie teddington chip) into top of vic, once down Brakefree, then on down into the gums. i led the way, across the first bit, laughing at myself not making a decision quick enough and nearly going into a tree, then round first corner back the other way, then down into the bit that was contentious on Vorb a while back. got a little way down that and heard an almighty "CRACK" then some words from Nelson. i pulled up, and went back up to see what had happened. his frame had broken, chainstay, discbrake side, just infront of the dropout. this was a nearly brand new bike. so, he started walking, and i headed on down, Dazza's, trying out all the new bits, then down through the macrocarpas below there, then round 'bridges', down k2 drop and on down valley. got to the style and my battery fell out. glad i didnt lose anything further up, or that the battery hadnt fallen out on a crucial bit of singletrack! then bombed down bowenvale, very careful through the gategap i crashed on at easter, and hauled across town to Nelson's, grabbed car, drove back up hill, and found him already down Dyer's Pass Rd near Kidson Tce.

Saturday. otis and me went to Living Springs in Governors Bay and helped a team of people dig trails. the report on Vorb said 19 people volunteered, and we got 180 metres of new track built. nice, flowy twisty singletrack in (denuded (by stock)) native vege (mostly manuka and ongaonga, bit of other stuff). cant wait to ride it.

Sunday. met at steve's. Him, Pete, Andrew, Tony, Wayne and me. headed down Garlands, into KingEdward Tce round behind the fish factory, over the fence along the trueright side of heathcote river to tunnel road bridge, the over to the other side and round behind ferrymead industry, then around to the mccormacks bay trail, up the steeps riding much more than previous week. up road, over greenwood, all the new stuff was much better than before. veeery careful across the slats in gloomy gulch, and still managed to get a squirrelly front wheel slide in, then on down, bombing it nicely. on good form. then out godley, tentative through where i did my ankle in, but bombed it all good otherwise, and then hammered the anaconda, beautiful roll down that. Soul is performing wickedly. over the hill, coffee at dotcom, then the haul home.

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